A Thrilling Experience Across the Desert Dunes

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The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari, as a truly practical free part of the desert safari tours, takes you on a voyage of revelation, energy and pleasure that you are not liable to overlook!

The Abu Dhabi Overnight Desert Safari (4WD)- 3.30 PM to 9.00 AM – a not-to-be-missed understanding, withdraws Abu Dhabi at around 15:30 p.m. toward the evening and heads east towards the desert of the Nizwa area for an exceptional and exciting drive through probably the most astounding and most difficult sand hills in the UAE in one of our Toyota Land cruiser 4×4’s which has been particularly altered for the desert. After some adrenalin filled Dune Bashing for 30-40 minutes, a short end at an intriguing Camel Breeding ranch and a few stops for striking photograph openings and refreshments at increasingly astounding rises, watch a marvelous nightfall over the moving slopes of the desert.

At that point set out toward the conventional Bedouin style campground amidst the desert. Where you put down your foundations for the night, similar to the old Bedouin tribes.You can ride a camel, sand board, smoke the conventional hubbly bubbly, or basically simply unwind with your most loved drink from the all around loaded bar. After a luxurious 3 course BBQ supper – veggie lover admission is accessible upon earlier demand – a glittering paunch artist will give authentic Arabic stimulation to round off a genuinely critical and extraordinary Arabian Desert involvement; camping beds and covers are incorporated into the general expense, as are boundless refreshments containing some espresso, tea, Arabic espresso, sodas and dates. Liquor is excluded yet “Shisha” or the customary Arabian water pipe is. With outlandish Arabian outfits for photos, following interesting henna designs staring you in the face or feet, tent, pad and cover for a medium-term stay are additionally part of the expense.

With an early breakfast the following day as a major aspect of the arrangement, takeoff is soon a short time later, at 8.30 toward the beginning of the day. So the energy filled Desert Safari experience which had initiated the earlier day at any get point in Abu Dhabi somewhere in the range of 3 and 4 p.m. goes to a fitting finale by roughly 9 a.m. the following day.

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