Diabetes May Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

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Mandatory close follow-up of the patient ensures that any erection persisting for Testicular Prosthesis than two to four hours will be reversed with pharmacological antidotes. However, Dr. Jerry Santos of the UST Hospital says that priapism (painful erection of the penis might occur. “With this, gauge needle is inserted into the base of the penis to draw off 20-30 ml of blood.”

Penile Prosthesis

Placement of penile prosthesis for treatment of male erectile dysfunction has been very popular in the United States. The first completely rigid prosthetics were followed by semi-rigid devises, and finally various Diabetes Disease(hydraulic) devises. Modern penile prosthesis consist of two makor types of devices: semi-rigid and inflatable. The semi-rigid devices currently available are solid silicone cylinders with some type of metallic core or a cable connected interlocking plastic component system covered by a synthetic covering. The inflatable devises are of three types: self- contained, two piece with a combination scrotal pump and reservoir, and three piece systems with separate scrotal pump and a reservoir that is placed behind the rectus muscle.

Vascular Surgery

Having been first introduced by non-urologists in the late 1970’s, vascular surgery is recommended only in highly selected individuals, and should be performed only by urologists who have had special training in the field. The success of this surgery has varied from 50-70 percent. Some critics have stated that since there is a high failure rate. These procedures should be considered experimental.


The Penile Enlarger that Uses Water

We have all heard of penis pumps and as far as penis enlargements go, they are for temporary use. I have stated anyone trying to push any penile enlarger pump as something permanent is lying to you. The water penis pump is the most innovative, which obviously utilizes water instead of air. According to some marketers you can gain an increase of 30% and gain 2-7 centimeters in permanent size.

Penis enlargements are complex in that most products sold as permanent solution are bogus. This enlarger is no different; the vital difference between air and water penis pumps is how the vacuum is created (one within air the other water). Marketers will have you believe that increasing the suction (because it’s in water) will enlarge your penis over that of air pumps. Problem with this statement is that air pumps can create suction so intense, that it could cause irreparable damage to the organ. The water penile enlarger has yet to have any scientific proof of their claims.

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