How to Create Attraction When Dating Chinese Girls Online

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Having a budget in mind will help in the decision making process of where to go and how long to say. If she’s beginning to finish her drink, and you think she may order another one, tell her “Don’t get another drink here, I want to take you somewhere else.”

Then you can bring her to a different bar and focus on dancing, or something else that’s free and gives you time to get to know each other.

Whatever you do, though – do not come off as cheap! Women don’t like cheap men. It’s not a gold-digging thing either, it’s more about courtesy. It’s okay to try and have a cheap date, but if you start haggling over splitting a $2 cup of coffee, you’re going to look bad and lose her interest.

Remember – it’s okay to buy the girl stuff as long as it’s in your budget! If she’s asking you to buy her a diamond bracelet, obviously you’ll have to let her know she hasn’t earned that yet. But getting her a drink isn’t going to kill you.

Finally, never ask the girl to pay for meet local singles your area anything. But if she offers, feel free to take her up on it! Lots of girls will reach for their purses when the check comes. If they do it on their own, let them pay. But keep in mind that if you asked HER out, they typically want you to pay since you invited them.

If you buy a woman enough dinners, she may begin to feel some AFFECTION for you… but food and gifts will never lead to ATTRACTION. And trust me, there’s a big difference between the two.

The way I see it, you should try to avoid buying women dinners and gifts until you decide the relationship is actually going somewhere. Until then, try and keep your outings as cheap as possible!


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