How to Make Eco-Friendly Paper Grocery Bags

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While our current way of life in the industrial age is the cause of global warming,  ถุงซิปล็อค many manufacturers have started to give importance to using eco-friendly packaging options that reduce its effects. There are wide range of environmentally friendly packaging options available in the market and if you are also more conscious to environment, then you can opt for the Kraft paper bags, which are completely recyclable and eco-friendly packaging solution for a wide variety of products including:

– Coffee and tea
– Organic products
– Pet food packaging
– Grains packaging
– Protein powder packaging
– Pharmaceutical Products and much more.

These paper bags are available in several sizes and shapes like stand up pouches, flat bottom bags, side gusset bags, side seal bags and many others. You can find metalized or aluminium foil laminated brown Kraft paper bags which are able to preserve the products from moisture, oxygen and any other bacterial contamination and also elongates the shelf life of the products. These bags are able to provide excellent durability and tear resistant strength.

These paper bags are also available with custom printed selections as per your requirements and given specifications. These bags are imprinted with brand name, company logo and nutritional and other important information about the products, so it would be an effective promotional packaging tool. These custom printed bags are useful for grabbing the attention of the consumer at the point of purchase so increase the sales as well. You can also find Kraft paper bags that are inclusive of various accessories like:


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