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So, to embark on the journey of learning another language is to open yourself to theĀ Thinking Mistakes Our Brain Makes conflict that occurs when your reality comes into touch with the reality of another. This is the true obstacle that must be overcome, and if your determination is strong enough, learning Mandarin Chinese only then becomes an achievable goal!

Opening Yourself to Success

A few tips for learning to speak Mandarin fluently are these:

Know WHY you want to learn this language. Make it powerful enough to overcome the greatest difficulty.
Understand that there are new rules to the game of learning-not just new rules, but new concepts, and new philosophies that govern why certain rules are deemed important.
Make a plan for success! Be thoughtful in your road map and diligent along the way.
Planning for Success

Are you looking for success in learning this language? Do you want to be able to see the results of your efforts and know unequivocally that it IS possible to learn Mandarin?! May I suggest that you FIRST sit down and understand which fundamentals you must master before attaining success?

Here’s what I mean: We all want to be able to see immediate results as we begin a new endeavor. But, if we ONLY focus on the results, then we will not learn the fundamentals that will carry us through and help us to truly learn the language as fast as possible!

Think of it this way. Suppose there is a little one who really wants to be able to crawl. The adult who is watching desperately wants to help and so reaches down and helps the baby get on all fours, and even make the first few movements. But, what happens when the adult lets go?

Now, what if the little one learns over and over again by repetitive motion that certain muscles need to be exercised in order to crawl? As the baby practices these muscles, they are then soon able to amply and quickly move across the floor!

I know you want results–a first few basic steps. But, you will not be able to move along on your own until you have two skills firmly in place–tones and PinYin. As difficult as they may be to practice, and as strange as it may seem to be doing it, they really are the key that can allow you to soon fly across the floor at lightning speed!


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